ferrochrome furnaces tapping robots

Our company independently developed and produced ferrochrome furnace tapping robot system adopts highly automatic control system and high precision hydraulic servo control system. The highly automatic control system has the unique advantages of intelligent automatic control, simple operation, automatic diagnosis, high temperature resistance and anti-electromagnetic interference. The hydraulic servo system has the unique advantages of: leathery and durable, flexible transmission, high power density, high positioning accuracy, fast response speed, etc. It has been widely used in construction machinery and industrial control.

Technical features

The ferrochrome furnace tapping robot system mainly includes: intelligent control system, hydraulic transmission system, mechanical transmission system, video monitoring system, and tool storage system. The operator can complete the operations in the central control room through the man-machine interaction touch screen: one key tapping, one key plugging, etc. This furnace tapping operators are freed from the status quo of manual work with high ambient temperature, high labor intensity and high safety risk in front of the furnace, fully satisfying the production requirements of ferrochrome furnace front work and significantly improving the operation efficiency.


Easy to achieve standardization

Hydraulic components are easy to realize serialization, standardization and generalization. It is also easy to design and organize professional mass production, which can improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce costs.


More in line with metallurgical requirements

Hydraulic technology has the advantages of flexible transmission, large power-to-weight ratio, high control accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed, etc. to meet the development needs of the smelting industry in terms of large-scale, continuous, high-precision, etc.


Easy to achieve complex movements

The use of hydraulic transmission can obtain a variety of complex mechanical action, hydraulic actuators have a wide range of speed regulation, high power gain.


Simplify the mechanis

The use of hydraulic transmission can greatly simplify the mechanical structure, thus reducing the number of mechanical parts.


Smooth transmission

Re-hydraulic transmission device in the oil can not be compressed, relying on the continuous flow of oil for transmission, fluid oil shock-absorbing capacity, set up hydraulic buffer device in the oil circuit, so that the transmission is very smooth, easy to achieve frequent change of direction work.


Light weight and small volume

Hydraulic transmission and mechanical, electrical and other transmission methods, compared with the output of the same power conditions, the volume and mass can be reduced a lot, so the inertia is very small, flexible action.


High load-bearing capacity

The same volume, hydraulic motor is 5-10 times the torque of the motor, hydraulic system can automatically prevent overload, to avoid strong impact leading to overload accidents.


Hydraulic components can be automatically lubricated

Using hydraulic drive, the device can be automatically lubricated, so the service life of the components is longer