calcium carbide furnaces tapping robots

At present, calcium carbide production furnace tapping is still using manual way, which is the very intensive link in the production process of all, labor costs are very high, furnace out of the operation there are a number of eye injuries, burns, mechanical injuries, mechanical injurys, electrocution and other operational risks at the same time working conditions (high temperature, dust), workers labor intensity is very high.

Main Functions :


Bus bar direct connection


Remote burn-through


Automatic tapping


Automatic brazing


Automatic brazing


Cleaning of the furnace fire tongue

The E-Hydic furnace discharge robot system developed and produced by our company will liberate the furnace discharge operator from the current situation of high safety risk, high labor intensity and high temperature in front of the furnace, and the operator can remotely control the robot in the central control room through the human-computer interaction platform to complete the following operations: direct busbar connection, remote burn-through, automatic tapping, automatic brazing, automatic plugging/sealing, furnace fire tongue cleaning. It can stabilize the production process, improve the output, fully meet the production requirements of the calcium carbide furnace operation, and significantly improve the operational efficiency. It not only ensures the safe production but also realizes the reduction of staff and increase of efficiency.

Patented Technology

Electro-hydraulic drive technology
Busbar direct connection technology
Automatic positioning technology
Distributed control technology
Tandem drive technology
Remote burn-through device
Remote control
Machine self-learning algorithms

Five advantages

High safety

Lengthening the working safety distance between workers and furnaces, effectively avoiding occupational disease causing factors and directly avoiding a number of operational risks in the furnace operation.

Reduction of staff and increase of efficiency

It can realize on-site video monitoring and guarding in the process of furnace discharge, reduce the incidence of labor safety accidents, protect the personal safety of workers and reduce the cost of safety accident losses.

Intelligent control

Reduce the number of workers, reduce labor costs and increase profits. At the same time, electricity is reduced, materials are reduced, production is increased, and the overall efficiency of the enterprise is improved to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Environmental protection level is greatly improved, economic benefits, safety and health benefits are significantly improved. Industrial silicon production costs have decreased significantly, enhancing the company’s product competitiveness and resistance to market risks.

Operation and maintenance

Help industrial silicon plant to effectively shorten the product development cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce resource repair consumption and improve the working environment of employees, etc.